The CFILM Podcast: It’s A Gift with Scott Higgins and Jeanine Basinger!

The CFILM podcast is back! This week, Scott and Jeanine sit down to discuss an old favorite: WC Field’s It’s a Gift (1934). This is part one of two; here, we discuss the film’s context, history, and costuming, and next time the two professors will give a running commentary as they watch the film.

If you want to be prepared for part two, the film is (delightfully) readily available online. Watch it at The Internet Archive, and then check back in for a rewatch.

The CFILM Podcast Episode 13! Jaws the Third

This week, CFILM continues its exploration of Jaws with Michael Slowik. Professor Slowik, whose body of work includes After the Silents: Hollywood Film Music in the Early Sound Era, 1926-1934, naturally tackles how the film uses sound. In particular, of course, he investigates that score, and how to approach soundtrack as a film scholar.

The CFILM Podcast Episode Eleven! More Jaws

Welcome back to the Jawsverse! This week resumes our lecture series on the classic film. Scott Higgins discusses Jaws’ history, meeting film on its own terms, childhood trauma, Dutch elm disease, and of course, SHARK MOVIES.

What’s Steve Collins Up To? THE CFILM PODCAST EPISODE TEN!!!!

The ONE AND ONLY CFILM PODCAST is BACK for episode TEN. This episodes begins a series of lectures on Jaws, a film we all know and love. Today, Professor Steve Collins walks us through the aesthetics of the film’s opening sequence. DO NOT miss THIS ONE!

CFILM Podcast Returns with Sadia Shepard!

The interminable wait is over– we’re back with the CFILM audio content you’ve been begging for! This week, Sadia Shepard and Scott Higgins discuss last year’s screening for the documentary filmmaking students. Shepard is teaching this freshman-level course again this year.